No more hassle about hours

     24/7 staff tracking

Avoid payment of unworked hours

     Reports with 1 click in Excel


CleanJack is an interactive system for time registration and attendance registration intended for Cleaners and Managers of cleaning companies. The CleanJack registation system is easy to use. CleanJack ensures a better quality of cleaning, optimum process control and cost management which enables cleaning companies to keep their wage costs under control.


CleanJack has been active in the cleaning industry since 2007. Through development of the system the business has grown to become market leader in the field of time and attendance registration for cleaning companies. One of the most important elements of the service is ‘24/7 transparency’. Operations Directors and Managers always have an overview of which Cleaners are or are not present at which locations. As a result of the operational process being transparent, cleaning companies realise a significant growth in professionalism.


In the cleaning business wage costs make up 70 to 80% of total costs. Whether a cleaning company makes a profit or a loss, depends for a large part on the extent to which work times and wage costs are controllable and manageable at all times. Management of operational processes is fully automated with CleanJack. This results in better quality, more efficient management and distinctiveness in a competitive market.


No more time consuming random checks at work locations. CleanJack provides the right management information at all times through the online dashboard. Time sheets are automatically generated in the system. If a Cleaner does not show up an SMS alert can be sent directly to you from the online dashboard which will enable you to deal with the problem remotely and send a replacement if necessary. You are also able to give specific cleaning instructions to Cleaners via the online dashboard. All of this allows you more time for customer contact!


Automated time and attendance prevents you from having to collect timesheets from Cleaners and enter the data into the computer manually. With CleanJack all hours are automatically recorded in the system. In this way a lot of administrative time is saved. The CleanJack system can be deployed standalone and therefore avoids the need to maintain a separate administration system, or can be implemented in a fully integrated environment with a recognised contract management system such as TemplaCMS®.


With CleanJack Cleaners are able to indicate that they are at a site and show what hours they have had to work to clean the site. This transparency results in appreciation from clients and allows for the correct number of hours to be allocated to clean a site properly. Clear tasks sent by cleaning company management which show up on the CleanJack display help Cleaners prioritise their work requirements, for example, seeing to a reported complaint first or attending to an unscheduled cleaning requirement.


The cleaning industry is known for its fierce competition and low margins. Cleaning companies need to win their orders with increasingly sharp quotations. Salaries are the largest expense. Of the total revenue of the average cleaning company, 70 to 80 % is personnel costs.


CleanJack is not a punch clock. A punch clock only shows if something goes wrong after the fact and does not allow for problems to be corrected at the time. CleanJack works in realtime which prevents misunderstandings. At all times the Operations Managers know exactly who is and who is not working at which location. In this way Area Managers are able to react in time if a Cleaner does not show up. Problems are easily prevented. With CleanJack, cleaning companies can plan better, direct Cleaners at any time, determine attendance, measure worked hours and correct problems when they arise.


A time and attendance registration system makes personnel costs controllable and manageable. ‘Remunerating lost time’ is prevented. Wages and salaries form the largest part of the expenses for every cleaning company. If on average Cleaners spend 15 minutes less than agreed at a location, the damage rises rapidly: paying 3 % extra salary each day means 50 % less profit for the cleaning company. CleanJack is the fastest and easiest way to improve business results.


Realtime time and attendance registration gives complete clarity. Losing precious time to create and collect time sheets for customers is no longer necessary. With the CleanJack time and attendance registration system the registration of work times is automated. CleanJack clearly visualises all worked hours and non-worked hours. There can no longer be misunderstandings about lost or incomplete time sheets. With time and attendance registration you will save money from day one and quickly recoup your investment.