since 2005

CleanJack is part of Flying Bytes Mobile BV. Flying Bytes was founded in 2004 by Niels van den Berg. Flying Bytes is specialized in field service automation.

professional team

Flying Bytes has its own software development department and also collaborates with several strategic partners. All software solutions are available in the Cloud. Flying Bytes takes care of the central hosting, service and maintenance of the systems. We can therefore guarantee the highest reliability of service. All systems are redundant and are actively monitored 24 x 7. Functionality is consistently developed generically. This makes the platform perfectly scalable and the technical maintenance organized and efficient.

Flying Bytes develops branch specific formulas, better known as the ‘Jack’-series. If you would like more information about Flying Bytes’ mobile services, make a phone call today to set up an appointment.



Investor relations

Flying Bytes provides opportunities for investors to achieve a healthy return with the growth and development of different formulas and the further international roll out of CleanJack.


image34Niels van den Berg, CEO Flying Bytes Mobile: “Our system is unique, I dare to say. The secret lies in the handset, a shockproof device which features a display. Our competitors don’t have these. In the display our cleaners can manage various modules, including the time and attendance registration, working schedule, project tasks and services. They receive messages, work instructions, complaints and defect notifications. This allows us to solve on-site problems even before the client notices them. Our handset only supports one piece of software: CleanJack. Sometimes people ask us why we don’t just integrate the software with smartphones. We did that for seven years and finally decided to switch. We had several reasons for doing this. The CleanJack handset is not only cheaper, but also far more practical. Mobile phones can crash, lose signal or no longer function because the battery is empty. As a business owner this means you lose control. With our solution these problems have been eliminated. It’s just so easy… anyone can comprehend it. CleanJack automatically selects the network with the strongest signal. This allows us to provide exactly what owners of cleaning companies want: controlled remote management.”