No more hassle about hours

     24/7 staff tracking

Avoid payment of unworked hours

     Reports with 1 click in Excel


Cleaning companies receive their own online dashboard where they can view realtime information about who is working at what location. Cleaners clock in and out. Managers have an overview and after an SMS alert they can take action if necessary. From the online dashboard automatic reports can be generated and messages can be sent to employees. The online dashboard also gives insight into the work schedules (employees) and work planning (customers).

The system automatically detects deviations, i.e. when a Cleaner is late or does not show up, and directly sends an SMS alert to the Operations Managers. CleanJack goes beyond realtime attendance registration of all employees at all locations. CleanJack also helps with resolving complaints faster and communicating work assignments more clearly. CleanJack includes planning, directing, monitoring, measuring, adjusting and optimising.
The online dashboard is by default linked to CleanJack Mobile or CleanJack Fixed. These options can also be combined. For key buildings we will usually suggest the mobile option. For locations where multiple cleaners will work, it is usually more profitable to use the fixed option.


If you choose CleanJack Fixed, a wall terminal is placed in a Perspex bracket and mounted at the work location. The Cleaner receives an ID-card. Start and end times are registered by holding the ID-card to the wall terminal.


If you choose CleanJack Mobile, a ‘start sticker’ and a ‘stop sticker’ will be placed at the work location. RFID chips are built into the stickers. The Cleaners register their start and end times by scanning the stickers with their CleanJack hand terminal.


The clock terminals (hand terminal and wall terminal) are suitable for both small and large projects. Do you want to know more about the opportunities for your company? Schedule a non-committal appointment today and we will gladly tell you more.


Optionally the standard package can be expanded to include the ‘planning module’ in which the work plan is defined on the online dashboard. This enables tasks to be displayed daily on the display of the CleanJack wall terminal or hand terminal at the work location. In this way nothing is missed and everyone knows exactly what should be done.


Optionally the standard package can be expanded to include the ‘complaints module’. This allows for a complaint about a cleaning job to be registered on the online dashboard. The complaint will automatically be displayed on the CleanJack wallterminal or handterminal as soon as a Cleaner clocks in at the work location. This ensures a quick and efficient resolution to any problem. The Customer directly experiences the advantage of CleanJack because complaints are resolved at lightning speed.